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Mar 7

ftr it looks like the people who are creating "the gender book" are cis and/or afab nonbinary trans*? 

here’s a quote from some of their feedback page:

Eira 2012.3.17 21:37

"Please don’t label bodies or body parts (including genes) as "male" or "female". They are just body parts, their sex/gender is defined by the person owning them (claiming "sex is different than gender!" just leads to "but biologically you are a…"). I understand that it might be a way to get ignorant people to think twice, but it’s really just shooting ourselves in the foot in the long run. I am a trans woman, and my body is mine. My penis is definitely female."

mel 2012.3.21 05:05

"Thanks for your comment, Eira. We 100% agree with you. People have genders, while body parts (just like haircuts, colors, and anything else you can imagine) do not, unless we give them gendered significance. To help your educating others on this topic, we’d suggest checking out the common misconceptions page as well as the gender versus sex pages in the full gender book. There’s also a pretty applicable section on the intersex page. Take care!"

Do you see how mel just totally dismissed Eira’s comment and then had the gall to tell Eira to get “educated” on the “topic” by looking at their apparently cissexist book so Eira could then relate mel’s information to others.

they also think gender and sex are polar opposite unrelated things, apparently.

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